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Hey I was wondering if you could give me advice on starting my own YouTube channel. I don't have many subs, only like 13 probably, and it's something that I really aspire to do because I love to make people happy and I love making people laugh. I'm just really really scared that I suck. And I'm well aware that it takes a decent amount of time to get somewhere but also you can get yourself out there very easily through Tumblr. I just don't have any friends on tumblr. Advice?

You may be an introvert I don’t know but INTRODUCE YOURSELF TO THE FANDOM!

If you come off anon, we an be friends and I can introduce you to others in the fandom! If your question gets in a holy trinity video that helps but that’s hard to do

I honestly think you should just befriend a lot of people. You may have a small amount of subscribers but you might be better than Jenna marbles so just talk to people and don’t be afraid to ask them to watch your videos or check out your channel. I know I would for anybody!

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HoLy SHIT you're gorgeous!! How DARE you not share!! (seriously though)

I dabble in not ugliness sometimes

I always get nervous about posting selfies because I feel conceited when I actually think I’m pretty for once

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I have over 2,000 followers and I only get an anon every 3 weeks or so. You're just a genuinely amazing blog. Mine is just kin of there

Thank you!!!

When I had 2+K I didn’t really get all that much anon anything…. But also, I think just having certain people who are avid commenters or likers are usually the Anons